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News October 2023:

       Holistic Audio Introduces the Mono SE moving magnet Mono

       cartridge designed for replay of microgroove vinyl records.

       The Mono SE sports a redeveloped suspension and our ACI,

       or Amplitude Coherent Induction system which ensures an

       optimised energy transfer at both small and large groove

       modulations. As with its predecessor, the Mono SE is housed

       in rosewood and has a hand Urusi laquered inner body.  

News May 2023:

       Holistic Audio introduces two new Induced Magnet cartridges,

       the Gusto SE and Zeal.

       Gusto SE is a higher performance version of the wonderfully

       musical Gusto, sporting a larger ceramic coated induction-magnet

       and selected high purity copper coils.


       Zeal replaces the HA300, sporting a nude, grain-oriented hyper-

       elliptical tip, selected high purity copper coils and new coil formers.

       Both Gusto SE and Zeal are Urushi lacquered and have a body 

       made from Italian walnut. N.B.: Due to scarecity of certain materials

       that make up a Zeal, this model will only be made in limited quantity

       and on request. 


       Visit Audio-Creative.nl to read Audio Creative's HA100 review (in Dutch)

       to get a good idea of what our Induced Magnet cartridges are all about.

News November 2022:


       Holistic Audio introduces Gusto, a handbuilt and finished Induced

       Magnet (IM) phono cartridge with low compliance, making it ideal

       for medium to low mass tonearms. Most importantly, being based

       on the venerable 100-C IM cartridge, it draws the listener into the

       musical performance - with gusto!  



     The Holistic Audio SEL Red has arrived!           

     The latest incarnation of our flagship model SEL has gained a new

     bridgeplate (a vital part of the mechanical tuning of the palissander

     rosewood body) which is now pre-tensioned by means of a four

     stage arch-forming process which is then cured by several ultra

     thin layers of resin on the inside and finished in red Urushi lacquer

     on the outside. The new SEL Red takes the beloved relaxed and

     natural SEL sound to another level with an even more expansive

     and naturally balanced presentation.       






Holistic Audio Gusto SE

Above: the Holistic Audio SEL  connaisseur MC cartridge

Holistic Audio Zeal

                                NEWS:   the Holistic Audio SC-1 Stylus Care has arrived!

SC-1 is a stylus-tip cleaner that leaves no residue whatsoever and is kind to all types of tip-adhesives.


                            Cleaning your precious cartridge tip with SC-1 is Safe & Sound. 


Testimonial van SC-1 gebruiker: "Nu had ik zoveel verhalen gehoord over deze vloeistof dat ik het aan heb gedurfd om het te proberen. Eerste indruk is geweldig. Ruimer beeld en meer rust. Ongelofelijk wat een verschil"


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